New month, new blog, new me!

Ok so here I am in the green room and I’m thinking about my blog when I decide to check the site….I think I need a lesson in using this app on the ipad because it would appear that my last three entries were still in drafts and hadn’t posted so huge apologies for no blogs appearing since May!!!

I hereby promise to pay more attention when updating the blog and to actually press the right button for it to actually update!

So since my last (published) blog we have launched our Christmas CDs along with the beautiful Pastel Prelude, I’ve done a few one hour shows and Nancy has continued to take the crafting world by storm demonstrating the amazing Tattered Lace dies which are designed by Stephanie!

Last week Kathy Mills demonstrated our beautiful four day deal which was a choice of 3 for 2 on 5 different Christmas paper kits.

Last Friday our fabulous Nancy Watt was in Derbyshire for a lovely evening of celebration for her upcoming nuptials, we did have fun but as is the law in our gang ‘what happens on girls night, stays on girls night’ šŸ˜‰

I’m working with the graphics team on some stunning new artwork that has been designed by one of our favourite illustrators, the very lovely Lisa Fox who designed Smudge for us a couple of years ago. When I get the all clear I will share some sneak peeks for you….if you are an MCS platinum member you can already get a sneak peek on the forum!

I’m hoping that the new discs will launch in a couple of weeks and have been busily crafting away on samples.

I’m still in love with Ernie my Ebosser, he works very hard when I’m in the mood for crafting at home and you never know, when we launch the next discs there may well be a new die or two on the shows…

More info to follow as soon as I’m allowed………

3 thoughts on “New month, new blog, new me!

  1. I am just learning about blogging and I am getting lost (again) So your are forgiven. Hope this will post the last one I tried to send just would not go.

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