One of those projects that just keeps going!

I’ve had a couple of hours down time in the hotel this morning as I’m not on Create and Craft until 4pm so need to be back there by 2….I thought I’d do a spot of knitting on one of my UFOs (UnFinished Objects!)

This one is a true labour of love as it is my first ever garment and will be a nice cosy jumper (hopefully!)

20140304-202048.jpgouple of years ago (yes really!) but in my defence we moved house and my knitting stash was packed away for six months and then the last few scorching weeks of summer haven’t inspired me to carry on with the jumper.

The jumper is a James C Brett pattern with some lovely cable detail down the front. The front and back have been done for a long time, I completed the sleeves a couple months ago before the temperatures rocketed and the yarn was put away. Now all I have to do is finish the roll neck, which to the seasoned knitter may only be a few hours work but I’m a relatively new knitter so it feels like it’s taking me forever lol, and then put the sleeves in before sewing up…..good job my fabulous mother in law lives next door but one and is a prolific knitter!

So now that the change of season is heading rapidly towards us and I have unleashed the knitting stash I have decided to restart and get it finished once and for all! I just hope it fits, I will update you when it’s finished over the next few weeks….

11 thoughts on “One of those projects that just keeps going!

  1. That’s brilliant Diane…you are knitting like a real pro now….want to see a photo of you wearing the finished jumper ASAP….xx

  2. lovely colours in it, x and you are so not alone with w.i.p.’s, i started knitting when i was 4, i’m 39 this year so you can imaging how many i have had, lol.

  3. I looks lovely Diane and colours that really suit you. I had a go at a jumper with cable on the raglan and a roll neck, once, a long time ago. Couldn’t fit the neck to the rest of the jumper, no matter how hard I tried. Took it to a seasoned knitter only to discover that I had missed one page of the pattern, She finished it and I finished knitting for good! So Well done you for persisting and succeeding
    Sue x

  4. Love the colours Diane. I tend to have unfinished knitting in several corners of the house.One day they will probably all get finished.!!!!!

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