The two year jumper is done!

So I thought I would share my news with you……the jumper is finished! Woop Woop lol!

The picture is a bit rubbish but hubby is out so i had to take it myself! It’s a little big under the arms but considering its my first ever garment I’m feeling quite proud right now. I am looking forward to wearing it when the weather goes a bit chillier because it feels very warm!

Hmmmm what to knit next…..


9 thoughts on “The two year jumper is done!

  1. Hi Diane I think you have done very well, I can only do a bit of knitting now with my bad hands but my last project was a ‘Mr Bean’ teddy, happy crafting
    Love Tina x

  2. Hi Diane , It does not matter how long it takes you did it and it looks fantastic the first thing I did was a jacket for my doll 59 years ago I was 3 at the time I think you did great.

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