Now that was a busy day!

Well I don’t know about you but today I am having a lovely relaxing day off after a marathon of a couple of days! I did my first solo pick of the day on ideal world with a fab set of 3 CDs. Here’s a sneaky shot from the studios when I was setting up.


So after a lovely launch at 9pm & 11pm on Tuesday night I was on for another 8 hours yesterday so Stephanie gave me today off to recover! My wonderful dad drove me there and then came over to pick me up again so that I didn’t have to drive home. He even brought my big brother Mark and Buster (their cavalier King Charles spaniel) to meet me!

It’s already 4pm and I feel like today has quite literally passed in a sleepy blur! After a lovely lie in I came downstairs to find that my amazing hubby had got me a lovely pastry for my breakfast (he obviously knows I’d have just snacked my way through the day lol!) and after pottering around for a little while this morning I decided have a go a a bit of Zentangle.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the awesome Mel Heaton (she has a fabulous blog which you can find by clicking here) in the green room at Create and Craft towers a few weeks ago and she inspired me to have a go! I used My Craft Studio to make a text outline, printed it off and got my pens out!

Here’s my first attempt:

Its very relaxing, i found you become very absorbed in it and the rest of the world vanishes! i cant take credit for the idea of using it in text, Mel showed me a christmas card that she had made and i did tell her i was fully intending to pinch her idea lol! What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Now that was a busy day!

  1. I started doing this last week and one can’t stop, very handy for just doing a wee bit of something , good for stress as well, yours is lovely by the way xx

  2. What a fabulous idea. Think I might have met the lady at Doncaster last year and my sister bought the pens and stuff, haven’t seen any of her work yet though. It is lovely Diane

  3. Thanks for the great new CD set, Diane. I bought them after your launch show to cheer myself up after losing my closest friend to cancer on Sunday. Really looking forward to them arriving. And well done on the knitting and the zentangle. I can hardly spell it, let alone do it! x

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