Charity begins at home and that’s where I knit!

Last year I was too late to take part in the Innocent Big Knit where you knit mini hats to go on Innocent Smoothie bottles. Innocent donate 25p for each bottle sold with a hat.

I thought I’d missed this years deadline until I saw an advert yesterday on TV and the deadline has been extended so today I got busy!

I made 8 little hats both with knit and crochet, some from patterns on the Innocent website and some on a blog I found through google!

Ozzy Blackbeard has several links to patterns in different places plus some of their own designs too.

I have seen today in a magazine that this is the highest profile knitting for charity event out there so I have decided that, having given today to this one and considering the amount of half balls of yarn I have, that I am now going to do blankets in varying sizes for the local RSPCA. I have called and the lady said that they will use smaller ones for the cats they are looking after and larger ones for dogs so I’m going back to my hooks and needles to get busy Once again…….

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