The joy of down time!

Well one of the things that, if you let it, could become a little boring about a pick of the week on create and craft is the amount of time in between the shows.

There are many things that we can do to keep ourselves occupied, mainly prepping the next show! This time though, our prep is all done so I’ve brought over some of my oddments of yarn, some crochet hooks & needles and am doing some simple squares that I can take the local RSPCA for them to use as blankets – the beauty is that when. I spoke to the they said that they can be any size as they will use smaller ones for cats and larger ones for dogs which means that I can just do some quick & easy stuff and get it to them in time for the cold weather. Another great thing is that the cats & dogs don’t particularly care what colours they are either, they just want to be cosy…

My favourite thing about crochet is that I can do granny squares without too much worry so I can still chat with people like Barbara Grey, Sheena Douglass, Janice Phillips and lots of the other guests too.

Here’s my first one – large granny square crocheted with an 8mm hook and James c Brett marble chunky leftovers


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