The age old debate…how do you store yours?

So just how do you store your crafty stash?

I have just spent the best part of the day sorting out my crafty stuff and whilst it looks spotless to me now it still looks messy to a none crafter….I.e. the old man lol!

I have drawers of stamps, inks and pens. Boxes of fancy papers and embellishments and they are all tidied away again now but my desk, (my working area as I like to call it!) well that is another matter. I guess it’s because we need to have the stuff to hand don’t we? Things that you use every time you craft such as base card, tools, glue, coffee etc. and what’s the point in packing stuff like the Ebosser away when it’s such a beast to take out and put away again so that lives on the other corner of my desk.

I feel very lucky today as my fabulous hubby came in mid tidy up and suggested some new shelves to make storing card easier and ribbon storage too so he says if I can live with it for now, when the spring comes and he gets his new shed then he will make me some. I just wish it was spring already!

I remember when I first started crafting and kept all my stash in one little carrier bag, but you see everything that I have I need! When I got it I had a plan for it and the plan is still there, I reckon I could quite comfortably craft for the next ten years without buying anything else other than glue but does that mean I will stop buying pretty things and bargains? I think not!!!

Let me know if you have any amazing storage secrets that might help fellow crafters and I will share them!

Ps lets not get started on my knitting needles and yarn stash…………..

9 thoughts on “The age old debate…how do you store yours?

  1. I use a little corner of the dining room but must say that it has now expanded into the utility room. If I won the lottery never mind the house I would have a purpose built craft room (one can but dream).

    Well done on the tiding up but bet it doesn’t stay tidy for long. Where do you keep your wool?

  2. You and me to, I pass on all my old things to a friend whos just started but even doing this doesnt reduce my stock by much, my shelves, cupboard and floor space is still overflowing. But as you say we need it and must have it. hugs Shiirleyxxx

  3. But you need all the bits n pieces on your desk as when you get crafty it inspires you by being there. If things were tidied away then your creativity would also be shut away. You know yourself that you start with one thing in mind but by seeing something in front of you you will use it and your creativity shines……therefore one needs lots of things around their desk 🙂
    Thats my excuse anyway! XXX

  4. Your crafting space looks the same size as mine Diane, but like you say it is stuff I use all the time so it’s pointless putting it all away!

  5. I am the same Dianne, you just have to the next new thing ,don’t you?/.The more I tidy my stash the more I loose things when you need it, you only find it when you aren’t looking for it. My stash is now in the spare bedroom, the front room the hall, my lobby in the hall, and the kitchen lobby.

  6. Where’s the chocolate?…..and I bet I beat you for stash anyday…lol…I keep dropping hints to hubby to move from the box room and have the master bedroom for crafting…he just looks at me in disgust…can’t understand

  7. My hubby paid (quite a lot!!) to make the study into my craft room. I have loads of shelves and storage. But it is filling up fast. There are two work surfaces and I could stay in there all day!!
    I do need a way of remembering where everything is though!.

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