Can’t craft, Will craft! There’s always a way….

Soooo, it’s been too long since my last blog but there’s a pretty good reason! I have had a suspected trapped nerve which has been causing all kinds of trouble for my right arm for a while now – being right handed its a little bit of an issue and means I can’t really craft at the minute.

Anyway, I was complaining about my boredom to the doctor last week and she said that I should be ok doing a bit of crochet every now & then but not to go mad at it so that’s what I’ve been doing!

I decided I needed to set out on a small project so that I couldn’t get too carried away with it so I challenged myself to make a set of coasters. I have yarn left over from the blanket/throw that I made a few years ago which sits on the back of the sofa……

So I decided to use it and make some matching coasters. It’s a gorgeous James C Brett Yarn, Marble chunky in shade MC6 (I love it so much I even know the shade without checking the ball band!) and I just love the chocolate browns with flashes of teal that suddenly appear as you work through the ball.

So I got out my hooks, decided on a 6.5mm for the job and started out with a Magic Loop, 12 trebles into the loop, tighten the loop, join and then 2 trebles into each stitch on two more rounds. I allowed myself to do one a day and now have a lovely set of 4 with lots of yarn left so I may do some square ones next week too 🙂 what do you think?



7 thoughts on “Can’t craft, Will craft! There’s always a way….

  1. I know what its liked to have a trapped nerve Diane, its awful and the pain sometimes seems to come from somewhere unrelated LOL! I’ve got cervical spondylosis and sometimes the nerve gets trapped in my neck but the pain feels like its in my skull and then down my arm but the neck doesn’t hurt at all until I move it!

    Love the crochet you’ve done, it looks beautiful. Might even take it up again myself!

    Hope that you are better soon, we’ve missed you on the MCS forums and on C&C.

    Get well soon.


      1. Doctor’s always say rest it and take pain killers but its hard when its your dominant side and you need to use it!

  2. Lovely coasters Diane, I know what you mean you have to have something to take your mind off how you feel. Missing you on C & C and on the MCS Forum. Hope you get better soon. jane x

  3. hope you get the treatment you need soon Diane, I know how frustrating it is not to craft when the mind is so willing but the body lets you down lol take care and remember that these things take time (although you are missed on the forum 😉 xx)

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