More frame decoration! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

To win the cute little finished frame in this picture simply comment on this post. On Friday 21st March I’ll select a winner!

So, if you’re not doing anything exciting this weekend you could tune in to Create and Craft at 9am for the fabulous Embellishment Attic Weekender, brought to you by the legend that is Nancy Watt! It is an incredible collection of not only beautiful embellishments (and we crafters can NEVER have too much sparkly pretty stuff) but also there are paper embellishments such as mini tags, postcards, die cut flowers and all sorts of other stuff in there!

Now I have a bit of a thing about home decor items at the mo, and I challenged myself with this one – find the least expensive frame I could get and make it look good! No mean feat I hear you say, well when you see the frame I started with you’ll see that it could have been quite tricky, however, I had the fabulous cd that comes with the multi buy on this weekender so I printed out some postcards and a background sheet too – I could have used the postcards from the kit but I’m a cd crafter at heart lol!

So let me tell you that this frame was in a set of three for £1.49 and that was the usual price – not a sale price so you can imagine the quality of the frame!

First of all I covered the inner and outer edges of the frame with background paper so that all areas of the frame would vanish once the postcards were in place. Next I distressed the edges of the postcards and wrapped them around the frame, folded around the bottom edges inside and out, these fold lines meant I knew where to cut so that they wouldn’t overhang and used (my new best friend) a glue gun to secure them to the plastic frame.

Next I used my oldest and favourite flourish stamps from Hero Arts to stamp directly onto the frame and heat embossed with gold embossing powder, stamping once it’s on the frame means the detail is only on the front of the frame.

Finally I stamped onto one last postcard and a piece of Blue Pearl A4+ Card and placed them in the frame. I like to think it turned out ok, do you?


42 thoughts on “More frame decoration! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

    1. Aww thanks Pauline, it was just a case of playing and because the frame is inexpensive plastic I didn’t mind if I ruined it and also when I did it wrong first time I just peeled it off and started again 🙂

  1. Oh what a pretty picture! I’ve got some vintage postcards and I’m sure I can adapt one to a frame like this. x

  2. Hi Diane
    What a cute frame. I have had some frames and boxes I have been intending to decorate for a while but have lacked inspiration and now I have found it on your blog. Thanks Diane you’re a star!!
    Love and light.

  3. lovely frame Diane I adore butterflies and the blue really gives it that magic something, well done x

  4. Hi Diane i,m getting into home decore as well, made a lovely pot to keep my brushes in with papers from the Shabby sweet CD.Will miss the Sat shows as will be at the GNPE at Harrogate, but will catch up on Sun. The frame is fab, love how you’ve used the postcards.

  5. That’s beautiful Diane. I loved the one they showed on C&C on a Tattered Lace show too – unfortunately I didn’t record any of the shows (Sky+ box not working properly, grrrr) but I’m hoping I might find it here somewhere. I haven’t seen your blog before so I’m going to check it out now before the first qualifying session of the new F1 season starts (excited)!

  6. how beautiful is that frame i love it so much . would love to recieve it need a bit of an umph to get me crafting again xxx

  7. lovely frame Diane will have to look out for them on line as we do not have one of those shops locally would love to win a piece of your work xx

  8. That’s a great transformation ! not something I’ve tried but maybe I need to think about it.

  9. Lovely Diane, only goes to show what a beautiful frame you can make from something cheap. With your skills of course. Would love to win Jane x

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