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I’m a knitter once more!

So it’s been a while since I blogged and it’s been a while since I crafted actually!

Unfortunately my arm/neck issues have flared up again so I have been off work for a few days again but being a crafter I was desperate to try something! So my mother in law suggested trying loom knitting and I am now the proud owner of a Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom Kit!

It’s taken a little getting used to as I am doing it left handed to try and rest my right arm but so far so good, I’ve had a go at single knitting, increasing and decreasing but couldn’t decide what to actually make! Then I saw the double knitting instructions in the book, had a look on YouTube and decided that’s where I was going to start, here’s my first scarf so far (only started yesterday evening!) the fabric being created feels luxurious even though I’m using a yarn I got ages ago from either Aldi or Lidl and it’s really really really easy

20140523-120206.jpgAnyway, back to the knitting and watching Nancy Watt launch a brand new Tattered Lace Pick of the Week on Create & Craft….