Welcome to my world, sometimes a little hectic but a fab place to be!

Don’t you just love free stuff lol!

I know it’s been a while since I last blogged but hopefully I’ll be back to fighting strength again and back to work again soon.

I’m loving my loom knitting though, here’s a hat which I’m nearly finished with that will be a Christmas present for someone! This is using some yarn that I had in my stash and should have enough left for matching cowl and fingerless gloves too 🙂

And when I’m done with that my mother in law has just nipped round to deliver her stash of oddments that she no longer wants. So when I said the other day that I’m going to be using the loom to knit some things for charity, either scarves to take to charity shops or blankets to take to the rspca she said I could have her bit bag, little did I know it was actually 3 bit bags and a mountain! Here’s the proof

So when I’ve done sorting it out into colours / weights I can mix it in with my own stash to make lots of goodies for charity this year.

I will see you on the other side of the yarn mountain, I may be some time…….