Not exactly papercraft but fun all the same!

Ok so I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and haven’t done much crafting for a little while now so as I’m making some cards etc but don’t have anything to show this weekend I thought I’d share my other ‘crafty’ love of this year with you!

I’ve always wanted to grow my own vegetables etc and since moving to this house about 2 1/2 years ago we hadn’t got round to sorting the garden yet which had been left in a dreadful state by the previous owners. Hubby had managed to get most of the lawn sorted but there was a bit that he just couldn’t get flat so I decided that we would use it for a veg plot!

Well of course this was the back end of last summer so we’d worked out roughly what we were planting where etc and got all the weeds / grass out. Then I had trouble with my arm so in April/May this year when we had to plant or forget it for another year poor old hubby ended up doing all the donkey work digging trenches while I just dropped in an onion or seed potato here and there!

His brother gave us some spare leek & bean plants that they had leftover so it was all guns blazing in the veg plot. We’ve had several crops of beans up to now and they look like they’re still going strong, but today as we were pulling up the onions we spotted an attack of the slugs on a couple of potato plants so thought we’d harvest those too, well hubby would do the digging and I’d get the potatoes out of the ground. I’m glad we did as we had already lost around a third of the crop so the timing was right for us, and we’ve still ended up with 15-20kilos of home grown potatoes – some of which we’ve just eaten and they were lovely!

So here are a couple of pics of our ‘hand crafted’ vegetables and I will share some pics of some cards when I’ve made them later this week!



2 thoughts on “Not exactly papercraft but fun all the same!

  1. Hi Diane, I have an allotment and also grow a few veg in the garden, I buy Nematodes (they arrive in a sealed container in a carrier) you mix with water in a watering can and water your young potatoes with them. It makes a big difference to your potato crop and is well worth thinking about. I have been growing veg for around 40 years and this is the best solution that i have found.

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