Adventures in chocolate :)

Soooo, I’ve decided that this year I’m making chocolates as Christmas gifts for family members (sshhhh don’t tell them!) so have been buying the right tools for the job, as we all know this is always the right place to start!

I’ve been buying pretty much everything Lakeland sell recently, so last weekend I had my first experimentation with actual chocolate and I’m pleased to report everything turned out ok. I have the book by chocolatier Paul A Young that he wrote for Lakeland and I have to tell you the instructions are so easy to follow that my first attempt at working with chocolate was a resounding success! I followed the instructions to the letter and made Sea Salted Caramels, they were delicious although hubby really didn’t like them! My true taste testers though (the guys in the office) gave the overall seal of approval although I do think I might go with a touch less salt next time.

This weekend I’m making hand rolled chocolate orange truffles, the truffle ganache is setting at the moment and then it’ll be time to get really messy-can’t wait!

So here’s a pic of my first ever proper bonafide handmade chocolates (Paul A Young himself replied when I posted this on Twitter last week! Was very excited!), and I’ll share a pic of the truffles when they’re done. Don’t you feel sorry for the guys at work who are having to taste all of these for me so I can decide which to make for Christmas presents.


I guess my next task is to decide how to package them……

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