My newest bargain…..

Hey peeps, hope you’re all well. Thought I would share a crafty tale with you. My hubby is a bit of a sewer, his dad was a tailor so he picked some skills up over the years. He has a couple of old sewing machines and I’d been saying for a while that I fancied having a go at sewing. Well he got a sewing machine off ebay for 99p – yes 99p and it was local so there was no shipping to pay either, it’s from 1967, is very lovely and works beautifully. Here it is

So I downloaded Debbie Shore’s Half Yard Heaven book and got going. My first project was my pincushion

IMG_1540 then I made a slip cover for the sewing machine to save having to keep putting it in its case

IMG_1542 Ok so the bias binding is very wonky and the stitching on it is most definitely not straight but overall I’m pleased with it, and the fabric off cut cost less that £1!

Then today I decided to really go for it! I found a tutorial on YouTube and made a handbag. I had some more off cuts, so I used 2 of my 50p pieces and a 25p brushed cotton pillowcase to line it. I had to unpick the lining a couple of times to go back and fix gaps in the stitching but it’s done now and I really like it. I think it’ll be great for holidays and might just make another one in a different colour! Here it is


So what do you think? I know I need more practise but I’m loving it!

6 thoughts on “My newest bargain…..

  1. Brilliant work for your first efforts….keep up the good work… does become more than a bit addictive….I used to make all my own clothes as I am so tall I could never buy ready made stuff to fit….I ended up going to night school to learn tailoring so I could make my own trouser suits…lol….well they were fashionable in the 1980s…xx

  2. well done Diane, started the bug now, got most of Debbie’s books and dvd but trying to get my head around crochet, I’m rubbish xx

  3. Fantastic….love your sewing machine….well done to hubby he certainly has an eye for a bargain…your bag is amazing as well. X

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