Sunday Afternoon Sewing

A few weeks ago, on a cold and miserable January Sunday afternoon, I wanted to make something, you know when you don’t know what you want to make but you are feeling creative and have am urge to make something?

So I got out my Bobbin Street USB and printed out the pattern for the box bag and went into the craft room that I so carefully organised last year…. So after an hour spent tidying up….. I got out some really pretty fabric that a friend sent to me when she moved house last year. It turned out I had enough of a satin off cut lining fabric from a bargain bin bundle I got in the USA a couple of years ago which was the perfect shade and I also had a zip in just the right shade to match too so I set about ‘making something ‘

In about two and a half hours I had done all of the cutting, all of the sewing and had a lovely little toiletry bag that I’m now using as a make up bag. I’m also tempted to make a few to give away as gifts as I could fill them with nice little goodies and make personalised gifts.

Can’t wait to made more of these, it was so quick and easy!

I often sit and spend time thinking about what I want to make next, I’ll look at my fabric stash or clean my sewing machine down and spend so much time don’t this that I find myself running out of time to do the crafting. So today’s advice is to just make something, it doesn’t matter what. If you are feeling creative go and make something, stamp and colour an image, cut out a sewing pattern, cut some dies and plan a card layout. You may be surprised at how quickly it reignites that crafty spark of imagination.

Happy crafting folks, whatever you make, enjoy xx

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