Take a 99p notebook….

Last weekend I got to play with some new products that are launching in the Screen Sensation range very soon and I absolutely loved it!!!

It’s been a while since I did any stamping and this was the first time I’ve stamped using Screen Sensation but it was amazingly easy and very satisfying to create my own fabric and make something from it.

So I took a notebook that cost me 99p, a scrap of calico fabric and a teeny tiny amount of ink!

I stamped my chosen design (a super cute vintage sketch duckling) randomly across the fabric with black Screen Sensation ink and heat set with an iron before moving on to the next step.

Next I measured the fabric and made sure that one image would be centrally located on the front of the book and trimmed to size. Next I used a couple of inks to mix my yellow and painted my feature image, mixing a darker yellow to add shading.

Finally, after ironing again to heat set the yellow I made a cover for the 99p notebook and turned it into something sensational!

So that’s me in trouble for giving you a sneak peek of something new, don’t tell anyone will you…..

Ttfn x

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