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The purple chair of creativity…

Well hello folks, it appears that while I think it’s only been a few short months since I wrote a blog post it’s actually over two years which makes me a very bad blogger!

I think sometimes life gets in the way but to be perfectly honest with you in my case craft got in the way. More specifically my craft ‘stuff’ got in the way and I haven’t really crafted properly for a while as I haven’t had the room for it. I ended up with my sewing machine downstairs on the dining table just so that I could do something but it just wasn’t feeling right.

So a few weeks ago when my fabulous friend told me that there was no room in her new house for her lovely purple arm chair and would I like it as I’d just bought a similar one for downstairs I couldn’t say no. Slight problem though, no space for it downstairs so I say to hubby ‘it can go in the back bedroom (aka my craft room)’ he laughs and says ‘you can’t even get your sewing machine in, how are you going to get an armchair in?’ and he was right. Something had to change.

So I got my thinking cap on, decided to have a mass clear out and get the back bedroom sorted once and for all. After all we have lived here for nearly five years and It’s always just been a dumping ground for the stuff we didn’t know what to do with.

After a lot of pondering and walking in, turning round and walking out again I decided I needed to form a plan. So I measured all of the furniture, measured the walls and worked out that we could totally reorganise the room and fit in the purple chair. A very technical drawing was created as you can see…


We had a very busy week leading up to the May Day bank holiday so I thought I’d have a nice restful weekend but when the chair arrived I decided that I had to get going with the plan. So hubby and I set about moving the furniture and then he left me to sorting out ‘the stuff’! It took me 14 hours across two days to go through everything, swap my sewing and stamping things around, sort out lots of stuff to throw out, send to the charity shop and also a few boxes of craft goodies to pass to some new crafters at one of my groups.

Luckily the weather was rather poor on the bank holiday weekend so I didn’t mind spending time doing the room and as I sit here now, in my beautiful purple armchair, complete with sparkly cushion and look at my lovely tidy room, with a bed you could actually sleep in, space on the floor to walk around, a tidy craft desk and my craft stash organised beyond all recognition I’m actually struggling to decide what I want to create next! It’s amazing what a difference the changing of a room layout can make. The room feels calm, quiet and relaxing and I’m enjoying just being in here again now.


I’m thinking it may be a little sewing project to hang on the wall, I do have quite a lot of stash to work through but then again I do have a ton of card & paper to work through too so who knows what it will be.

I’ll keep you posted, and maybe a little sooner than two years this time….


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My newest bargain…..

Hey peeps, hope you’re all well. Thought I would share a crafty tale with you. My hubby is a bit of a sewer, his dad was a tailor so he picked some skills up over the years. He has a couple of old sewing machines and I’d been saying for a while that I fancied having a go at sewing. Well he got a sewing machine off ebay for 99p – yes 99p and it was local so there was no shipping to pay either, it’s from 1967, is very lovely and works beautifully. Here it is

So I downloaded Debbie Shore’s Half Yard Heaven book and got going. My first project was my pincushion

IMG_1540 then I made a slip cover for the sewing machine to save having to keep putting it in its case

IMG_1542 Ok so the bias binding is very wonky and the stitching on it is most definitely not straight but overall I’m pleased with it, and the fabric off cut cost less that £1!

Then today I decided to really go for it! I found a tutorial on YouTube and made a handbag. I had some more off cuts, so I used 2 of my 50p pieces and a 25p brushed cotton pillowcase to line it. I had to unpick the lining a couple of times to go back and fix gaps in the stitching but it’s done now and I really like it. I think it’ll be great for holidays and might just make another one in a different colour! Here it is


So what do you think? I know I need more practise but I’m loving it!


Busy little Christmas bee!

So you know that point when you realise that Christmas is actually next week, not the week after…..well, that hit me this week! Are you guys ready for Christmas?

I got all of my pressies wrapped today, started making the chocolates for Christmas gifts and made the boxes for the chocolates using my fabulous new We R Memory Keepers gift box punch board. I just need to finish making the chocolates (4 more batches!) and make the tags for the gift boxes and that job is done but I can’t do it completely until next week really as the chocolates need to be as fresh as possible.

On Tuesday I’ll be making some mince pies, and then other than actually taking part in Christmas that should be the prep done as my wonderful mother in law is cooking lunch for us.

So whilst I’m being a crazily busy bee at the moment I’m having a great time with lots of craftiness, I hope you are too xx

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Been busy and awol!

So it would appear that when I start a new craft I get so obsessed with it that I forget to blog about it! I’ve been busy testing out chocolate recipes for my crafty Christmas gifts this year. Here are the different flavours I’ve made so far:

I have made prosecco truffles


These are salted caramels


These were chocolate orange truffles


The favourites so far were lemon & lime white chocolate hand rolled truffles – this was my own recipe so I was quite pleased with that!


The last ones I made were gingerbread Caramels. This picture shows that I do make then from scratch!


My next big decision is which flavours to make as gifts. The guys in the office have been very helpful in testing the flavours for me and I now have my shiny new box maker and promise to share pictures of the finished goodies once I’ve given them out at Christmas.

Are you making anything for anyone this Christmas? Let me know x


Adventures in chocolate :)

Soooo, I’ve decided that this year I’m making chocolates as Christmas gifts for family members (sshhhh don’t tell them!) so have been buying the right tools for the job, as we all know this is always the right place to start!

I’ve been buying pretty much everything Lakeland sell recently, so last weekend I had my first experimentation with actual chocolate and I’m pleased to report everything turned out ok. I have the book by chocolatier Paul A Young that he wrote for Lakeland and I have to tell you the instructions are so easy to follow that my first attempt at working with chocolate was a resounding success! I followed the instructions to the letter and made Sea Salted Caramels, they were delicious although hubby really didn’t like them! My true taste testers though (the guys in the office) gave the overall seal of approval although I do think I might go with a touch less salt next time.

This weekend I’m making hand rolled chocolate orange truffles, the truffle ganache is setting at the moment and then it’ll be time to get really messy-can’t wait!

So here’s a pic of my first ever proper bonafide handmade chocolates (Paul A Young himself replied when I posted this on Twitter last week! Was very excited!), and I’ll share a pic of the truffles when they’re done. Don’t you feel sorry for the guys at work who are having to taste all of these for me so I can decide which to make for Christmas presents.


I guess my next task is to decide how to package them……

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Knitting up a storm!

I’m hoping that the jumper I started this week won’t take as long as the last one I did which took two years, in my defence it was packed up after moving house for months and months!

This one is much easier though and made using super chunky yarn so I’ve got a big chunk of the back done already! It’s a self striping yarn and I’m not 100% sure I love it yet but I definitely love the colours, I think I’d like it more if it went back from blue to green etc but I think that is being a bit picky when the yarn was half price lol! I’m sure once it’s done I’ll love it and even if I don’t it’ll keep me very toasty 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on its progress….



Tatty Twinkles Sample 1

So after teasing you this week here are a couple of my samples for the tv launch of the latest stamp collection.

This first sample uses DCWV and Prima flowers along with a C6 Tattered Lace embossing folder. The image has been coloured with Promarkers.


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Not exactly papercraft but fun all the same!

Ok so I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and haven’t done much crafting for a little while now so as I’m making some cards etc but don’t have anything to show this weekend I thought I’d share my other ‘crafty’ love of this year with you!

I’ve always wanted to grow my own vegetables etc and since moving to this house about 2 1/2 years ago we hadn’t got round to sorting the garden yet which had been left in a dreadful state by the previous owners. Hubby had managed to get most of the lawn sorted but there was a bit that he just couldn’t get flat so I decided that we would use it for a veg plot!

Well of course this was the back end of last summer so we’d worked out roughly what we were planting where etc and got all the weeds / grass out. Then I had trouble with my arm so in April/May this year when we had to plant or forget it for another year poor old hubby ended up doing all the donkey work digging trenches while I just dropped in an onion or seed potato here and there!

His brother gave us some spare leek & bean plants that they had leftover so it was all guns blazing in the veg plot. We’ve had several crops of beans up to now and they look like they’re still going strong, but today as we were pulling up the onions we spotted an attack of the slugs on a couple of potato plants so thought we’d harvest those too, well hubby would do the digging and I’d get the potatoes out of the ground. I’m glad we did as we had already lost around a third of the crop so the timing was right for us, and we’ve still ended up with 15-20kilos of home grown potatoes – some of which we’ve just eaten and they were lovely!

So here are a couple of pics of our ‘hand crafted’ vegetables and I will share some pics of some cards when I’ve made them later this week!




Tatty Twinkles is back at 9am tomorrow!

So if you’re about tomorrow at 9am and/or 1pm you could tune in to Create and Craft to see Liz showcasing the latest Tatty Twinkles Stamp sets. These are the More Than Just Words sets and are my new favourites!

Here are my latest sample cards in all their glory I can’t decide on a favourite, let me know what you think:







Tatty Twinkles is coming back soon….

Hi everyone, I hope everyone who went to Summer Crafting in Doncaster this weekend has recovered! I’ve been given the ok to give you all a sneaky peek at some of my cards for the next Tatty Twinkle show at 9am on 17th July…..

I will show you the full cards the night before the show but couldn’t wait to start tempting you cos the stamps I got to play with are just divine! I love that all of those mini stamps you have will fit in the sentiment plaques, I’ve used the one that came with the stamp along with a couple of Dreamees sentiments.

So here is my cheeky little teaser: